Simple SEO Strategy For Your Business (The Middleman Method)

Have you been wondering how you can boost your website or page organic traffic (https://evenbound.com/blog/direct-traffic-vs-organic-traffic)? It’s not really a simple task to do, right? There are countless strategies or steps you can follow to drive traffic and revenue towards your site. In this context, we’re digging deep into the “middleman method” SEO strategy. Have you ever heard of this term before?

Here is a quick introduction.

What is the ‘Middleman’ Method’ in SEO strategy?

Just like the name impies, it acts as the “middleman” between the commercial page and your money page. The term refers to any relevant or related blog, forums, pages, and other online resources to your niche. 

Most websites have two main types of content. Informational, which is all the non-commercial content like calculators, interactive tools, and blog posts. Commercial pages, often called “money pages,” are designed to monetize the visitor or make sales. It’ll be your landing page for most businesses. And for eCommerce sites, it will be your category and product pages. 

Of course, SEO largely came to benefit businesses via backlinks and content. These two factors combined with using the middleman method will surely boost your site’s authority and revenue.

How the “Middleman Method” WORKS?

Backlinking is one of the trickiest parts of building authority for your page. You either need other website blog posts or guest posts that are relevant to your page. However, the vast majority of these people won’t be linking to your money page. So, this is why you need related informational pages or articles that will act as “middlemen.” It will help you build authority. Then by placing internal links to money pages, the power built will later be passed on to money pages. As a result, it’ll help your money page rank as well.

Based some of the top digital marketers in the industry, this method has proven to be a useful weapon in your arsenal for expanding your highest value pages. 

So now, let’s get into the strategies that can help your business:


This is the first yet crucial step in building authority for your page. You want to get this right so that more traffic and revenue will go to the money page you want. In this step, you’ll have to choose which money page you want to boost with authority. There are two things you want to keep in mind when choosing the money page.

  1. High Business Value
  2. High Traffic Opportunity

You’ll want the page to fall somewhere in the middle of these two. A great way to figure this out is to check the ranking positions 2-10 in the organic keywords section in ahrefs.


Once you have got your money page all set up, you will then continue our journey by scouring Google. Look for related or relevant blog posts, articles, or informational pages that you can use as a middleman for our money page. 

You can search for keywords or topics that are related to your page and check those websites. The results will be blog posts that mention the target phrase.  You can only use this if we are searching for sites to link to our landing page. 

Another trick that you can do is search using: site:yourwebsite.com + “topic of your ‘money page’.” One good point to mention is that using ahrefs can have a significant difference in your search. You can choose a specific “relevant” website, get the URL, and then paste it on the ahrefs toolbar. Then head over to the best by links section and you’ll see the rankings of the pages you want to target. We need to skim the list for relevant internal linking opportunities and start linking to them. 


Here’s a last resort to your problem. Suppose you’re unable to find relevant links or blogs posts (which can be pretty impossible). Then you’ll want try and to find links that are quite “close” to your niche or money page content. Reach out to the source and ask them to link you instead.

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Easy SEO Tips to Increase Organic Traffic

The Search engine ranking algorithm changes as Google makes hundreds of modifications every year. So it’s not surprising at all that the SEO strategy that worked last year may not work this year, and one that works today may not work next year. The SEO world is indeed exciting.

We’ll cover both basic and advanced SEO techniques to help you retain and boost your organic search presence in this blog post.

If your site isn’t driving as much organic traffic as last year and you are looking to improve your SEO, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the best SEO techniques for 2022 to Increase Organic Traffic

Mastering Content Optimization

When we’re talking about boosting your organic traffic, implementing content optimization immediately as part of your strategy is paramount. Experienced SEO practitioners know that you can optimize your existing content through a process known as “content optimization,” which strategically increases your organic traffic. 

For most people, SEO entails targeting new keywords, publishing content regularly, researching, and getting links to those pages.

  • How can we optimize our page’s on-site meta tags?
    • Ensuring great readability
    • Including both primary and secondary keywords at the correct densities
    • Having an appropriate word count
    • Having optimal meta title, meta description, keywords, and tags

People often get confused when saying “content optimization” as they think we meant writing long blogs, articles, or resources.  

You’ll find it very difficult to rank if you get this wrong. It doesn’t matter whether it’s new content or not; you’re trying to optimize. As a matter of fact, reoptimizing existing non-performing content has been one of the most used strategies. 

All there is to remember is that there’s no right or wrong word count to aim for, as it’s purely contextual on its top-ranking pages and search query. Be sure not to over optimize with keyword stuffing.

Analyzing Your Competitor

By looking at your competition, you’ll be able to see precisely what you must do to outperform your competitors. Ask yourself: Can you make a better, more valuable resource? What keyword is successfully ranking for specific content? What topics do they cover? What types of content are they creating? These are just primary questions that you need to find the answer to. How? By performing competitor analyses. 

You want to create the best content for your audience, but there isn’t always a clear path on how you can do that. This is why it’s a good idea to take the time to observe, learn, and check out the competition and really see what they’re doing. In the SEO world, competitor analyses are prominent tools. It can give you great insights into building up your content and your website to provide value to your audience and drive more traffic to your site.

Optimize Your Headings

No matter how expert you are in Search Engine Optimization, there’s a moment where you’ll look at the sky in despair and scream: “Why Google? Why?!”

As part of their newly launched “page title update,” Google automatically rewrites title tags based on a page’s H1 heading, which shocked the SEO industry.

Like most SEO-related challenges, there’s no way to know how or when exactly Google will rewrite your title tags. However, in their recent update release, they indicated that they are most likely to change a tag if it’s:


Exceedingly long

Contains repetitive “boilerplate” language, such as home pages called “Home.” 

Lack title tags entirely.

Stop using long and repetitive titles or heading to your content but instead, make pieces easier to read by including H2 and H3 subheadings.

Invest Not Only In Your Content but also Backlinks

A saucy secret to driving organic traffic to your site is optimizing content, keyword research, enhancing headings, and link building. Link building or backlinking will always be the core of Google’s ranking algorithm. If we go back to “Analyzing Your Competitor,” backlinking is also interconnected to it. 

In the old advertising days, companies invested in brochures, magazines ads, billboards, radio, trade show booths, and newspapers (though some still do). It was effective since people can see it, but as Denver internet marketing companies become more digitally inclined, these mediums only drive a “small amount” of traffic to your website. You have to invest in building backlinks if you’re serious about improving your ranking and generating more traffic. Following the above techniques + investing in backlinking will significantly impact your site.

Implement These Tips and Techniques for SEO Success

Always aims to answer the question: What are they doing that you believe you could do better? The best place to start is on your website. Check out the competition once you have, re-evaluate your existing content, and see where you can make changes.

These SEO tips are just a few simple ways to increase your organic traffic without the need to dive deep into the SEO world for results (https://www.businessnewsdaily.com/15737-business-competitor-analysis.html).

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How to Get More Connections On LinkedIn and Why It Is Important

LinkedIn is widely recognized as a professional social network, among all the others, for connecting with B2B prospects, business partners, and potential hires. It’s one of the Best Ways to Build Your Network. With over 756 million users, you may be thinking that getting to “connect” with 500+ people and become a super-connector is just a piece of cake. But let me break the ice for you. IT’S NOT EASY if you’re not using the most effective methods of building your connection.

So, how exactly can you expand your LinkedIn professional network and make sure all those new contacts are relevant to your business goals? 

Here are 5 helpful tips on how you can get more connections and grow your network that will indeed support your professional success:

1. Personalize your LinkedIn Profile

A fully fleshed-out profile helps draw more people to it and to you. You have to fill in as much information as you can to help people understand who you are and what services you can offer. Demonstrate your knowledge in publishing articles on LinkedIn, updates, joining discussions in LinkedIn Groups, and commenting on and reacting to others (https://www.weidert.com/blog/best-ways-to-gain-more-connections-on-linkedin).

Think about it. If you visit someone’s else profile and have very little information there, you may not want to connect with them. More people viewing your profile means more people are likely to invite you to connect. As you build your profile, keep in mind that you have to position yourself as a subject matter expert. 

2. Be Part Of LinkedIn Groups

Similar to other popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. Exploring groups and being a part of them makes a real difference to your “profile” exposure. We’re not only talking about exposing your profile to others but also getting connected to them who have the same point of interest as you. Don’t we feel more comfortable wanting to be “connected” with someone who has the same interest?

LinkedIn Groups offer topic-specific spaces where you can connect within your specialty or industry to share information expertise, build relationships, and probe communities for advice.

3. Attract attention with visual content

Visual content has continuously proven to be an attention grabber when posting. Adding visuals to your social posts boosts exposure to potential connections and gains engagements with people in your existing network.

Research suggests that posts with video content are re-shared 20 times more, and posts with images get twice as many views. Mix it up! Don’t always share links; include visuals.

4. Invest Keywords in Your Profile

Just like in SEO, high-quality keywords are a must! Now, LinkedIn allows you to attract profile visitors based on the words you choose, so every keyword counts. Use common job title and duties variations to ensure those semantics don’t make you invisible. 

Give your role some thought and take the time to break out the different functions to appeal to a possible target audience. Someone may be more likely to search connections who perform specific functions rather than search by their formal titles. 

5. Write and Publish Article

One of the most effective ways to gather connections is writing and publishing “valuable” resources or articles. People LOVE reading positive or motivational stories or posts. So take advantage of it and start writing! 

 If you’re not allotting a portion of your social media marketing efforts to LinkedIn, you’re missing golden opportunities to land more business. If you want to build your network, drive traffic, and generate more sales to your business, then building your LinkedIn Connection is very important!

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6 Great Tips for DIY Home Decorations

Making your house a home is important – it can even impact your mental health and elevate your mood. That’s why it’s important to consider these 6 great tips for DIY home decorations

1. Research

Do your research before tackling any DIY project. Everything from the colors you choose to the order you put them in can have a huge impact. 

Doing a bit of research before you start decorating can help you truly capture the mood and style that you’re wanting. 

2. Measure

This is especially important if you’re starting a DIY project from scratch. Whether you’re building or sewing, you’ll want to ensure that all of your measurements are correct. 

While the typical rule is “measure twice, cut once,” you can measure as much as you need to. Not only will this cut down on material costs and time, but it will also make whatever project you’re working on look that much nicer. 

3. Quality

It may be tempting to go with the cheapest materials possible, and that’s fine if you’re going for a temporary look. 

But if you want something that can last or be used several times, you’re going to want to use quality materials. Hobby stores, home improvement stores, and upcycle shops are all great places to find good quality materials. 

4. Refurbish

If you’re handy, you can go to landfills and junkyards to find awesome pieces to refurbish. You’ll want to check out any pieces you find to make sure they’re not full of pests or beyond repair. 

The same goes for any pieces you mind find on the curb around town. It’s easy to find everything from artwork to pillows, couches to bookcases in most major cities any time the season changes. 

Especially during “spring cleaning” months and around student apartments during the end of the school year. Another great way to snag cheap or free items to refurbish for your new project is to hit up garage sales – AFTER they’re done. Often, when items don’t sell, people will either put them on the curb or offer for someone to come and grab everything for free. 

5. Creativity

At the risk of sounding like grandpa, it’s important to keep in mind that just because it’s unique doesn’t mean it’s functional. If you want to have a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture, make it you and unique without compromising its structural integrity. 

Blending creative and functional is excellent, but don’t get so carried away that you lose one for the other. 

6. Inspiration

There are plenty of great how-to guides and DIYers on sites like YouTube, Rumble, BitChute, Pinterest, and Instagram. Finding a few creatives you like and perusing their work can be a great way to gather inspiration for your projects. 

You can also go to artsy sites like Etsy and browse items to find something interesting. 

If gathering inspiration from others isn’t your style, you can go to the places that make you happy and snap a few photos. 

Print them out and pick out what about it makes you so happy. You can even have home improvement and paint stores color-match your paint to the photos. 

There are many things to consider when undertaking DIY home decorations, but it’s ultimately a fun and rewarding task.


Technology In Our Life Today And How It Has Changed

Smartwatches and smartphones are examples of multipurpose devices made possible by modern technology. Computers are now more powerful, portable, and faster than ever before. Technology has aided in all of these revolutions by making our lives simpler, faster, better, and more enjoyable.

In recent decades, technology has also offered us brand-new gadgets like tablets, wearables, and voice assistant devices. We can instantaneously move money between these gadgets and purchase anything from groceries to furnishings to groceries to clothes and more. How we socialize, have fun alone, and consume media has all altered as a result of technology. It has made amusing developments, but it has also made significant safety advancements in areas like medical equipment and home security.