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How to Get More Connections On LinkedIn and Why It Is Important

LinkedIn is widely recognized as a professional social network, among all the others, for connecting with B2B prospects, business partners, and potential hires. It’s one of the Best Ways to Build Your Network. With over 756 million users, you may be thinking that getting to “connect” with 500+ people and become a super-connector is just a piece of cake. But let me break the ice for you. IT’S NOT EASY if you’re not using the most effective methods of building your connection.

So, how exactly can you expand your LinkedIn professional network and make sure all those new contacts are relevant to your business goals? 

Here are 5 helpful tips on how you can get more connections and grow your network that will indeed support your professional success:

1. Personalize your LinkedIn Profile

A fully fleshed-out profile helps draw more people to it and to you. You have to fill in as much information as you can to help people understand who you are and what services you can offer. Demonstrate your knowledge in publishing articles on LinkedIn, updates, joining discussions in LinkedIn Groups, and commenting on and reacting to others (

Think about it. If you visit someone’s else profile and have very little information there, you may not want to connect with them. More people viewing your profile means more people are likely to invite you to connect. As you build your profile, keep in mind that you have to position yourself as a subject matter expert. 

2. Be Part Of LinkedIn Groups

Similar to other popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. Exploring groups and being a part of them makes a real difference to your “profile” exposure. We’re not only talking about exposing your profile to others but also getting connected to them who have the same point of interest as you. Don’t we feel more comfortable wanting to be “connected” with someone who has the same interest?

LinkedIn Groups offer topic-specific spaces where you can connect within your specialty or industry to share information expertise, build relationships, and probe communities for advice.

3. Attract attention with visual content

Visual content has continuously proven to be an attention grabber when posting. Adding visuals to your social posts boosts exposure to potential connections and gains engagements with people in your existing network.

Research suggests that posts with video content are re-shared 20 times more, and posts with images get twice as many views. Mix it up! Don’t always share links; include visuals.

4. Invest Keywords in Your Profile

Just like in SEO, high-quality keywords are a must! Now, LinkedIn allows you to attract profile visitors based on the words you choose, so every keyword counts. Use common job title and duties variations to ensure those semantics don’t make you invisible. 

Give your role some thought and take the time to break out the different functions to appeal to a possible target audience. Someone may be more likely to search connections who perform specific functions rather than search by their formal titles. 

5. Write and Publish Article

One of the most effective ways to gather connections is writing and publishing “valuable” resources or articles. People LOVE reading positive or motivational stories or posts. So take advantage of it and start writing! 

 If you’re not allotting a portion of your social media marketing efforts to LinkedIn, you’re missing golden opportunities to land more business. If you want to build your network, drive traffic, and generate more sales to your business, then building your LinkedIn Connection is very important!