Simple SEO Strategy For Your Business (The Middleman Method)

Have you been wondering how you can boost your website or page organic traffic (https://evenbound.com/blog/direct-traffic-vs-organic-traffic)? It’s not really a simple task to do, right? There are countless strategies or steps you can follow to drive traffic and revenue towards your site. In this context, we’re digging deep into the “middleman method” SEO strategy. Have you ever heard of this term before?

Here is a quick introduction.

What is the ‘Middleman’ Method’ in SEO strategy?

Just like the name impies, it acts as the “middleman” between the commercial page and your money page. The term refers to any relevant or related blog, forums, pages, and other online resources to your niche. 

Most websites have two main types of content. Informational, which is all the non-commercial content like calculators, interactive tools, and blog posts. Commercial pages, often called “money pages,” are designed to monetize the visitor or make sales. It’ll be your landing page for most businesses. And for eCommerce sites, it will be your category and product pages. 

Of course, SEO largely came to benefit businesses via backlinks and content. These two factors combined with using the middleman method will surely boost your site’s authority and revenue.

How the “Middleman Method” WORKS?

Backlinking is one of the trickiest parts of building authority for your page. You either need other website blog posts or guest posts that are relevant to your page. However, the vast majority of these people won’t be linking to your money page. So, this is why you need related informational pages or articles that will act as “middlemen.” It will help you build authority. Then by placing internal links to money pages, the power built will later be passed on to money pages. As a result, it’ll help your money page rank as well.

Based some of the top digital marketers in the industry, this method has proven to be a useful weapon in your arsenal for expanding your highest value pages. 

So now, let’s get into the strategies that can help your business:


This is the first yet crucial step in building authority for your page. You want to get this right so that more traffic and revenue will go to the money page you want. In this step, you’ll have to choose which money page you want to boost with authority. There are two things you want to keep in mind when choosing the money page.

  1. High Business Value
  2. High Traffic Opportunity

You’ll want the page to fall somewhere in the middle of these two. A great way to figure this out is to check the ranking positions 2-10 in the organic keywords section in ahrefs.


Once you have got your money page all set up, you will then continue our journey by scouring Google. Look for related or relevant blog posts, articles, or informational pages that you can use as a middleman for our money page. 

You can search for keywords or topics that are related to your page and check those websites. The results will be blog posts that mention the target phrase.  You can only use this if we are searching for sites to link to our landing page. 

Another trick that you can do is search using: site:yourwebsite.com + “topic of your ‘money page’.” One good point to mention is that using ahrefs can have a significant difference in your search. You can choose a specific “relevant” website, get the URL, and then paste it on the ahrefs toolbar. Then head over to the best by links section and you’ll see the rankings of the pages you want to target. We need to skim the list for relevant internal linking opportunities and start linking to them. 


Here’s a last resort to your problem. Suppose you’re unable to find relevant links or blogs posts (which can be pretty impossible). Then you’ll want try and to find links that are quite “close” to your niche or money page content. Reach out to the source and ask them to link you instead.


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