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Easy SEO Tips to Increase Organic Traffic

The Search engine ranking algorithm changes as Google makes hundreds of modifications every year. So it’s not surprising at all that the SEO strategy that worked last year may not work this year, and one that works today may not work next year. The SEO world is indeed exciting.

We’ll cover both basic and advanced SEO techniques to help you retain and boost your organic search presence in this blog post.

If your site isn’t driving as much organic traffic as last year and you are looking to improve your SEO, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the best SEO techniques for 2022 to Increase Organic Traffic

Mastering Content Optimization

When we’re talking about boosting your organic traffic, implementing content optimization immediately as part of your strategy is paramount. Experienced SEO practitioners know that you can optimize your existing content through a process known as “content optimization,” which strategically increases your organic traffic. 

For most people, SEO entails targeting new keywords, publishing content regularly, researching, and getting links to those pages.

  • How can we optimize our page’s on-site meta tags?
    • Ensuring great readability
    • Including both primary and secondary keywords at the correct densities
    • Having an appropriate word count
    • Having optimal meta title, meta description, keywords, and tags

People often get confused when saying “content optimization” as they think we meant writing long blogs, articles, or resources.  

You’ll find it very difficult to rank if you get this wrong. It doesn’t matter whether it’s new content or not; you’re trying to optimize. As a matter of fact, reoptimizing existing non-performing content has been one of the most used strategies. 

All there is to remember is that there’s no right or wrong word count to aim for, as it’s purely contextual on its top-ranking pages and search query. Be sure not to over optimize with keyword stuffing.

Analyzing Your Competitor

By looking at your competition, you’ll be able to see precisely what you must do to outperform your competitors. Ask yourself: Can you make a better, more valuable resource? What keyword is successfully ranking for specific content? What topics do they cover? What types of content are they creating? These are just primary questions that you need to find the answer to. How? By performing competitor analyses. 

You want to create the best content for your audience, but there isn’t always a clear path on how you can do that. This is why it’s a good idea to take the time to observe, learn, and check out the competition and really see what they’re doing. In the SEO world, competitor analyses are prominent tools. It can give you great insights into building up your content and your website to provide value to your audience and drive more traffic to your site.

Optimize Your Headings

No matter how expert you are in Search Engine Optimization, there’s a moment where you’ll look at the sky in despair and scream: “Why Google? Why?!”

As part of their newly launched “page title update,” Google automatically rewrites title tags based on a page’s H1 heading, which shocked the SEO industry.

Like most SEO-related challenges, there’s no way to know how or when exactly Google will rewrite your title tags. However, in their recent update release, they indicated that they are most likely to change a tag if it’s:


Exceedingly long

Contains repetitive “boilerplate” language, such as home pages called “Home.” 

Lack title tags entirely.

Stop using long and repetitive titles or heading to your content but instead, make pieces easier to read by including H2 and H3 subheadings.

Invest Not Only In Your Content but also Backlinks

A saucy secret to driving organic traffic to your site is optimizing content, keyword research, enhancing headings, and link building. Link building or backlinking will always be the core of Google’s ranking algorithm. If we go back to “Analyzing Your Competitor,” backlinking is also interconnected to it. 

In the old advertising days, companies invested in brochures, magazines ads, billboards, radio, trade show booths, and newspapers (though some still do). It was effective since people can see it, but as Denver internet marketing companies become more digitally inclined, these mediums only drive a “small amount” of traffic to your website. You have to invest in building backlinks if you’re serious about improving your ranking and generating more traffic. Following the above techniques + investing in backlinking will significantly impact your site.

Implement These Tips and Techniques for SEO Success

Always aims to answer the question: What are they doing that you believe you could do better? The best place to start is on your website. Check out the competition once you have, re-evaluate your existing content, and see where you can make changes.

These SEO tips are just a few simple ways to increase your organic traffic without the need to dive deep into the SEO world for results (